I have my own blog! What does that mean? Hello!

Yesterday I wrote prolifically and for 55 years …. but today I write prolifically in a new place. I like to write poetry and songs when the spirit moves me. Now I have my own blog… I don’t know if that is going to make a difference????  Maybe it will inspire me to write more or better? Whatever, I hope you enjoy.

This is today’s poem…


Like the rings on a tree to mark the years passed,

Autumn is each year’s marker.

As winter slowly creeps upon us,

Each days passing steals our sunlight.

Autumn’s growing power slows and stops.

Leaves cascading from the treetops

Remind us that life is short.

Change is once again upon us.

The crisp breezes chill us.

Resetting our thermostats within.

Making us realign our clothing options,

Tuck our boats away,

Condition our cross-country skis.

An introspective period commences,

Drawing us to a steaming cup of coffee and talk.

Nothing more warming than a circle of close friends.

© Wanda Radowski 2014